separate the men from the boys

The news is full of stories about multi-million pound companies applying for the government furlough system

with many people, journalists and celebs turning against the owners and their companies.

Now in my opinion with every negative, there must be positive following closely behind and with that in mind i’d like to shine a light and celebrate some of the businesses going the extra mile and doing that little bit more than just the hard sell.

Most of these companies are small, sustainable, independent businesses who rely on sales, no matter how big or small. People who have invested all of their time, energy and often money to make it work, and ultimately do what they love for a living.

I just hope that out of all of this comes a silver lining, people will begin to separate the men from the boys and focus on supporting those who opted to put others first and tried their best through the Covid19 crisis.

I’ve supported these businesses and will continue to, but i’d like to introduce you to them and the inspiring things they are doing throughout this time:

1. Henri London – The London based store were forced to temporarily sadly close their doors and postpone all workshops, however instead of leaving behind a unused, empty space they partnered up with Pale Green Dot to create a Veg Hub. The demand for organic, seasonal produce completely diminished so they decided to redirect fresh produce to people at home offering veg boxes for those in need. You can find out more about Henri and the hub here.

2. Toast – They have been offering a series of free online workshops to help with personal development and learning new skills whilst in lockdown. I’d highly recommend following them on Instagram and looking out for their live stories, so far i’ve learnt about making bread and flower arrangements. Their magazine also has a wealth of interesting reads and activities, the most recent a series of soundscapes named ‘slow sound’ created to calm, reset and enliven the mind.

3. Petrucha is a ethical handcrafted shoe company. They have been producing weekly newsletters that aim to have a positive affect on you. They often share inspiration, videos on making and living in the present moment.

4. Our Daily Edit – They have created ‘art of giving’ which are small packages to help you stay connected to loved ones whilst donating to a good cause. There are different sized gift packages available containing items to help with well-being and wellness. Each box contains card which will be personalised by ODE on your behalf and the best part is £5 from every sale is donated to Refuge – Refuge provide support for women, children and men experiencing domestic violence through their helpline.

5. And lastly, not a business, but something i wanted to include, a Podcast – Material Matters by Grant Gibson. the shows feature in-depth interviews with a variety of designers, makers and artists about their relationship with a particular material or technique. It’s great listening when you want to switch off from the whats happening in the outside world.

Blazer: Mango, Boots: Vagabond Shoemakers

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